Who doesn't love a nice bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese? Who doesn't love a nice bowl of ice cream? Some mad scientist has decided to combine the two and I kinda want to throw up.


Kraft, I am here to say, you were a massive part of my childhood. Probably number one thing I ate as a kid was your delicious mac and cheese. However, someone at your company needs to be fired for this decision. Kraft has partnered with Van Leeuwen ice cream to create a mac and cheese ice cream. Why? Just in case we run out of Ipecac in this country, we need something that will induce vomiting.


Sadly we cannot do anything to stop this from happening. It is releasing tomorrow in Van Leeuwen ice cream shops throughout the country. They have shops in New York City, Los Angeles, and right here in Texas over in Houston. Yes, this monstrosity will be in our state tomorrow. In case you don't want to make the road trip to Houston, you can get it delivered to your home. You can order it here starting tomorrow, if you're brave enough.


You will be able to get it for $12 a pint. I'm all for trying anything once, but I really have no desire to try a mac and cheese ice cream. If someone want to buy me some, I will try it. No way would I spend my own money on this. I would like my mac and cheese separate from ice cream thank you.

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