Lights, Camera, Milk Spill! An Unforgettable Scene Unfolds at Tom Thumb.

Bet you didn't think you'd see a grown woman wearing a Rugrats onesie dumping a half-gallon of milk out onto the floor at a grocery store today, did ya?

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We're not going to speak to the allegations in the original Tweet, we just break down what you can actually see in the video without any context.

Pretty Cool Outfits

The video opens at a self-checkout lane at a Tom Thumb in Dallas, Texas.  A man wearing an Ezekial Elliot Dallas Cowboys jersey is confronting a lady wearing a Rugrats jumper. However, I'm pretty sure this didn't take place on Halloween, as nobody else is wearing a costume. The man is taking a bag from her and asking her to leave.  

Got Milk?

At this point, Rugrats Onesie Lady notices a half-gallon of milk resting on the ground.  She casually picks it up.  What's she going to do?  Hand it to an employee?  Check the expiration date?


Cleanup on Aisle Three

No, she dumps it all over the floor.  The look on Ezekial Elliot Man's face says it all. I've been there, my friend.  For one summer back in the 1990s, I was a utility clerk at a grocery store called Sack-N-Save in Waco, Texas.  This was a grocery store that claimed they had lower prices because they didn't hire sackers.  Get it? You sack it yourself, thus you save.  This was decades before self-checkout.  I cleaned up a lot of spills from the flour.  Some were products from the store, some were human liquids, if you get my drift.  Pee. I'm talking about pee.


Not Cool

Did she really think she was sticking it to the store employees?  The five minutes it's going to take to clean this up is nothing.  They'll literally have to mop up five more accidents after this. But still, it sucks. Sheesh.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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