This guy could not figure out what happened to his dog. So he checked his surveillance cameras and couldn't believe it.

Very sad story coming out of Lawton, Oklahoma. Earlier this week, David Winbush and his family went out to eat dinner. When they came back home, they could not find their six-month-old dachshund. David went to check his surveillance cameras to see what happened to the pup. He could not believe what he saw.

It appears to show a kid grabbing the pup and then taking it to the backyard to beat it. David says the kid comes back four times to beat the dog. David said the pup was slung around, beat, kicked, and punched. David was able to recognize the kid from the video and drove over to his grandparent's house. No one was home at the time, but he eventually did get in contact with them.

They came over and saw the video of their relative committing this heinous act. The family did find the little pup named Sprocket under the shed in the back. He had a piece of concrete on top of him and was actually alive. Sprocket does have a broken hip and two broken legs. Authorities say Lawton Animal Welfare is currently handling this case.

This is the second story this year in our area of kids beating up animals. You may remember back in May, a pair of Wichita Falls' girls were arrested for severely beating a cat in a plastic bag and cutting it open with a knife. One was arrested for the actual beating and other was arrested for filming the incident. Hopefully, these animal beatings stop in our area.

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