Houston Man's Heroic Act: Foils Towing Attempt In Daring Car Jump

I think there should be a law that if you can get into your car at any time before the tow truck drops it off at the yard, they have to put it back down even if you catch them halfway there at a stoplight.

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Apparently, I'm not alone in this thought, as the rascal in the video below risks bodily harm by jumping in his vehicle while it is in motion. Let's take a look at the footage.

Gimme My Car Back

The scene opens from the point of view of our cameraman, who appears to be sitting on the patio at an apartment complex. A truck is taking off with a white car in tow.



A man runs up, flings the door open, jumps in the car, and hits the brakes. We see the wheels lock up and hear the screech of the tires as they drag across the asphalt.


Call the Cops

The tow truck stops. The man who jumped in his car yells to no one in particular, "Someone please call 911!"

Ironically, he gets his wish about two seconds later, as two police cruisers arrive on the scene with their lights flashing.


Check out the video below:


@genesismoriah_ Repo Gone Wrong in #htx 😂😂 Live told me to post the whole thing but yall we were outside for 3 hours over this. && they grabbed up 3 cars back to back😮‍💨😮‍💨 this is crazy #repo #houston #tx #viral #repogonewrong ♬ redrum - 21 Savage

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