Holy crap, we almost had an animal brawl before the Sugar Bowl yesterday.

Most schools have a mascot, usually some college kid in an oversized costume with a giant head. Texas and Georgia both have these mascots. However, they also have real-life animal versions of those mascots as well. Bevo the Longhorn for Texas and Uga the Bulldog for Georgia.

Before the Sugar Bowl, someone thought it would be a good idea to try to get the two animals together for a photo. Bad idea, Bevo tried to ram that little dog. I think male longhorns are technically considered bulls and bulldogs were bred to take down bulls. Maybe some animal instinct kicked in for Bevo from his ancestors and he knows what bulldogs did to them. He wasn't having any of it.

Not only did the Texas mascot win this fight. The football team also won the Sugar Bowl 28-21. Now, after this the person that handles Bevo said that he was simply agitated because he wanted to walk and was being restrained.

"He had kind of gone up and bumped the barricade a few times before," Ricky Brennes said. "He ran through the gate and into where Uga's area was. It really was more just unfortunate timing and he wasn't aware Georgia's mascot was there. It had nothing to do with the dog."

Nah, that''s not as cool. Bevo wanted to kill Uga and that's the story I am sticking with.

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