We are living in the future. At least that's the way Twitter user Brian Kane described the video of his electronic hack that has taken the internet by storm.

We all remember the Big Mouth Billy Bass. The odd, plastic fish that would sing a song as you walked by it was a must have in the early 2000's. If like me, you had a parent that was into fishing, you may have had a few of them. I think there are at least two of these still in my parent's basement.

Kane must have gotten tired of seeing this left over icon of turn-of-the-millenium memorabilia go to waste. He took his Amazon Echo and hacked it to play audio through one of these fishy contraptions. Now, when he asks Alexa a question, instead of the voice coming out of a speaker, it comes from the fish.

As an added bonus, he'll never again have to hear either of the crappie crappy songs it originally played. Plus he can order his toilet paper just by talking to a fish!

So this is the future. Congratulations. We've made it!