And now, just to prove that during these unprecedented times we will watch absolutely anything on the internet, here's a guy watching paint being mixed.

It's not quite as lame as it sounds, the guy in question is actually Australian comedian, Christian Hull, and he's playing some sort of new TikTok game where you watch as the paint mixers add the colors to the fresh can of white paint, then start the mixer. While it's mixing you're supposed to try to guess what color the final result will be.

I have to admit, it does look like a game one could get lost in for a while, especially since there's a new challenge every few minutes.

You can see more videos on Christian's TikTok page.

Rather than spend my time on TikTok maybe I'll just go hang out in the paint department at Lowe's or Home Depot this weekend. I've got a few projects to pick up bits and pieces for anyway.

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