The family thought the dog somehow got out of the backyard, that is not what happened. 

A Houston family is currently searching for who stole their dog right out of their backyard. The family had a ninth-month-old pit terrier they named Spike. An SUV pulled up to the backyard and snatched up Spike. "It was devastating. It's hard to watch someone take a part of your life like that," said Pedro Reyes.

Pedro actually had Spike at his in-law's house and he had Spike outside to play with his inlaw's dogs. Pedro said Spike couldn't have been outside more than ten minutes. The couple has filed a police report and posted ads to Craigslist and Facebook, offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who brings Spike back home.

"We're just trying to bring our baby back. We don't care who brings him back home, even if it's the thief. We just him back," said Pedro. The couple says they plan on posting flyers around the neighborhood and hope the search doesn't continue much longer.

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