The Unforgettable Day a Man Shook Whataburger's Soda World

We're breaking down the video at the bottom of this article without any context whatsoever, as is tradition.

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The woman filming this incident says "He wanted some water but sheeeeesh!"

A Soda Fountain Shakeup

Every time I see someone acting like this, I assume their blood sugar is low and they just need to eat something. It's like that Snickers commercial. You're not you when you're hungry.


Lashing Out

So this dude is just hammering the soda fountain, but all the parts he's knocking off are designed to come off.  I'm sure he feels like a bad*ss, like he's Michael Douglas' character in Fallin Down, but it's literally going to take someone who works there two minutes to undo all the "damage" he's caused.

So, No Water Then?

Did the man ask for water and get denied?  Because all that time he spent pulling the faces off the fronts of the soda dispenser could have been used drinking from the water tap.  Why not just stick your mouth under there and start drinking if you're already committed to creating havoc? Maybe he needed a cup and was going to use the water for something else.  We'll never know. I do love how the employee just stands there patiently waiting for him to finish.


Check It Out

Check out the mayhem for yourself below:


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