"It's raining weed, hallelujah!" said every random stoner in Arizona. 

Just imagine hearing a loud crash in your backyard and not knowing what the hell it could be. Maya Donelly of Nogales, Arizona was in for one hell of a surprise when she went to go see what made the loud bang. Turns out it was a marijuana bundle, that authorities are assuming came from a drug smuggler coming over the border.

The twenty-six pound bundle has a street value of approximately $10,000. The bundle came in at such a high speed, it actually put a hole through their carport and shattered their doghouse. Thankfully the little guy wasn't inside when this happened.

Nogales Police Chief Derek Arnson said it's the first time in his three-year tenure that he's ever seen a load of drugs hit a building. "Someone definitely made a mistake, and who knows what the outcome of that mistake might be for them," Arnson said.

Friends and family also have gotten a laugh. Several joked that the couple could have profited from the surprise package. "That's what everybody says: 'Why did you call 911?'" Maya Donnelly said. "But how can you have a clear conscience, right? We could have made lots of home repairs with that."