Medical marijuana is going strong in Oklahoma and April was a very good month for the marijuana business.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma since late July of last year. The state has been making a lot of money from marijuana being legal and last month was the best month yet. 18 million dollars worth of medical marijuana was sold in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission reported Monday the state collected more than $1.2 million in April from the 7% excise tax on marijuana that is in addition to state and local sales tax also collected from medical marijuana sales. In the past seven months, the state has increased medical marijuana sales every month.

The number of people eligible to buy marijuana has also increased every month the past few months as well. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority says it has approved more than 104,000 patient licenses since August and has licensed more than 1,400 dispensaries and 2,700 commercial growers.

Medical marijuana is also moving forward here in Texas with House Bill 1365. That bill adds Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, muscular dystrophy, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism and a bevy of other illnesses to an existing state program that currently applies only to people with intractable epilepsy who meet certain requirements to receive medical marijuana in Texas.


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