Most of Luke Combs' best songs find the singer dealing with some form of heart hurt, except for the No. 1 song on this list of Combs' top hits and album cuts. Learn who Combs is through these songs.

There's even an unreleased track on our Luke Combs Top Songs list, but it's hardly a secret song for fans of the North Carolina born-and-raised rising star. To date the "Hurricane" hitmaker has released one studio album called This One's for You, but the deluxe version of that album offered four songs for this playlist. There's also one oldie from an old, self-released EP that fans can't get away from.

Radio airplay, sales data and streaming numbers helped shape this list of Combs' best songs, but response from his live audience and some fan polling — combined with staff opinion — were equally valuable. Great songs do well on our list, which explains why "Beer Never Broke My Heart" can check in at No. 4, despite never being released physically or digitally.

Combs is a rare artist who stacks strong sales with overwhelming streaming numbers. That's led to strong concert ticket sales and a legit arena headlining tour to close 2019. After one album, Combs is a bonafide headliner — perhaps the one least celebrated among a group of familiar names in country music. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people asking, "Who is Luke Combs?"

His story starts with the songs, and below you'll find our explanations for the choices and order of Luke Combs' biggest and best.

These Are Luke Combs Top 10 Songs: 

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