Wait, what?!

As you know 102.3 the Bull is your home for the Bobby Bones show in Texoma and if you missed it this morning on the show. Something pretty crazy happened. Bobby had a strange announcement about a potential opportunity for him. Below is a small clip of the announcement.

So I did not know this, but Bobby has a sports podcast. He apparently reached out to the Dallas Cowboys about an interview for the podcast. Apparently Jerry Jones has responded to Bobby's offer about an interview, but also wants Bobby to come watch a game in his personal suite at AT&T Stadium.


I have never experienced a suite at a Cowboys game, but Jerry Jones' suite has got to be the most premiere suite in the entire stadium. Now I am a massive Dallas Cowboys fan so I would have responded a resounding YES immidiatly to the email. I guess Bobby will see if he can make the trip to Arlington for a game.

Bobby broadcasts out of Nashville, Tennessee and the Cowboys do play the Titans this year. However that is a road game for the Boys, but Jerry usually gets a suite as well for road games. Guess we will wait and see what Bobby's decision is. If I were him, I would pick a noon kickoff time. That way you can get a flight back after the game and have plenty of time to get some rest before the show starts at 5 AM.

The Cowboys are on a winning streak right now and if Bobby Bones being in attendance ruins the streak, I will blame him forever. Just kidding Bobby...but not really.

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