No one was asking for this, but for some reason Jerry thought it was a good idea.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Always About Innovation

Jerry Jones reminds me of John Hammond in 'Jurassic Park' sometimes. I could totally picture him saying, "We sparred no expense". AT&T Stadium, The Star in Frisco, hell the Dallas Cowboys have their own golf club. Jerry is ready to always have the latest and the greatest for the Cowboys. Now though, he has embedded himself into the stadium.

You Can Now Ask Questions to an A.I. Jerry Jones

One day Jerry Jones will die, but it looks like a virtual reality version of him will live on forever at AT&T Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys for some unknown reason unveiled this creepy ass thing this week. Now this is not something you will be able to experience on game day. It is apparently only on the "Owners Experience" tour at AT&T Stadium.

What The Hell is the Owner's Experience Tour?

Standard tour of AT&T Stadium is $40, you get to see the inside of AT&T Stadium that you wouldn't see on game day. Things like the Cowboys locker room, cheerleader locker room, on field access, and views from all over AT&T Stadium. The "Owners Experience" gets you exclusive access to things that Jerry Jones does on game day including his personal suite. This tour costs $55.


What Can You Ask Virtual Jerry Jones?

Apparently you can ask it things like, "his early life and upbringing, to his collegiate football playing days at Arkansas, early business ventures, and his time as the team's Owner, President and General Manager." These are all boring questions to ask. I know what I would ask.


"Excuse me Jerry when will Jimmy Johnson be going into the Ring of Honor?" I then like to imagine the A.I. would implode on itself because it doesn't know what to do in that situation. I would probably be banned from AT&T Stadium for killing the virtual Jerry Jones. When your team is worth 9.2 Billion Dollars, I guess you can do whatever you want. Including making a creepy version of yourself in the stadium forever.

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