Surprise! Fireworks!

Well, well, well, Houston, you were treated to a spectacular and utterly confusing fireworks extravaganza this past Saturday night! It seems the fine folks of River Oaks Country Club decided to throw a shindig to celebrate their 100th anniversary, and what better way to do it than with fireworks that could be seen from outer space?

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As the fiery spectacle lit up the night sky from Spring Branch to Upper Kirby, Houstonians took to social media in a desperate attempt to unravel the mystery. It was like a city-wide game of Clue, but with more oohs and aahs and fewer candlesticks.


But the grand reveal came in the form of a text message from none other than Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña, who confirmed that the River Oaks Country Club was the mastermind behind the pyrotechnic extravaganza. I bet Chief Peña's phone was buzzing all night with questions like, "Who set the sky on fire, and can I get an invite next time?"

Turns out, the River Oaks Country Club went all out with a 1920s-themed centennial celebration. It started at 9 p.m., probably to give the city's residents a taste of what it was like to party in the Roaring Twenties. We're talking champagne towers, live elephants hanging out with the valet, chandeliers that were just a tad 'extra,' a custom dance floor, and a live band. Frankly, they had it all, except, apparently, a PR department.

The club, nestled in a cozy 183-acre golf course and known for its annual pro tennis tournament, prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to media. Their members are sworn to secrecy, like some sort of illuminati for the country club set. I imagine their motto is, "What happens in River Oaks, stays in River Oaks."

Meanwhile, on social media, there was some initial confusion, with some people thinking that the River Oaks fireworks were part of a more well-publicized display downtown. Others believed their neighbor had gone on a shopping spree and decided to buy a drum set. Honestly, I'm impressed by the number of people who even knew what a drum set sounded like. While the surprise fireworks show might have startled a few pets and sleeping babies, most Houstonians were more in awe than frustrated. They marveled at the unexpected light show, saying things like, "This place is its own state. Love it," and "Half my neighbors are outside staring at the sky." It's almost like Houston had been transported to a magical realm of celestial wonder.


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