Need a place to beat the heat in the brutal Wichita Falls summers? You can add this as another option.

I'm telling you right now, little kids love splash pads. Apparantly when I was five my parents took me to Disney World and I had the most fun on the trip playing in the splash pad. They paid all that money for Disney World tickets and a splash pad at EPCOT brought me the most joy.

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Well, if you have little kids, pretty soon they will be able to cool off at the brand new Dr. Park's Splash Pad. It is having it's big grand opening this Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30. Looks like on Thursday we have a high of 99 degrees. So a splash pad sounds like a good time to me. You can find the new splash pad by Hamilton Park at 2901 Hamilton Boulevard.

The new splash pad was made possible by a $275,000 donation from the Wichita County Medical Alliance. Over the years on their Facebook page, they have been sharing updates of the progress of the splash pad. Looks like plans for this have been in the works since 2019. Nice to see everything will finally be coming together this week.

So grab the little ones the next time you want to get out of the house on a hot day and take them to Dr. Park's Splash Pad. Be sure you also check out the other Wichita Falls' parks over the summer. Lots of activities to take part in with the kids.

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