The 3rd Annual Bridge To Bridge Cruise was held last weekend and I went down to check it out and snap a few pictures.

While the cruise route ran up and down Old Jacksboro Highway from the bridge at the Flying J Travel Center to the bridge near Sutherlands I spent my time between Midwestern Parkway and Advance Auto Parts.

Old Jacksboro Highway was lined on both sides of the street with onlookers. There was even one guy with a snake. The snake was drawing about as much attention as any of the cars and was totally unimpressed with the constant parade of vehicles going on just a few feet away.

There were vehicles of almost every description from immaculately restored cars from the '40s to to more modern Challengers, Chargers, Camaros, and Mustangs. How that Smart Car got into the mix is anyone's guess but that hot rod USPS truck sure was a crowd-pleaser.

Wichita Falls Bridge To Bridge Cruise

Organizers estimate that this year's Total Rolling Count (registered and unregistered) was somewhere above 750 vehicles. When you add together the people in the vehicles and those sitting along Old Jacksboro Highway watching the parade of rolling thunder the total attendance was estimated to be 5,000 or more. That's pretty impressive considering this is only the third year for the Bridge To Bridge Cruise.

The Bridge To Bridge Cruise is put on annually by a group of local car guys and the proceeds raised through registration fees go to Wichita Falls area veteran's wellness organizations.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

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