Need to take a trip back in time, but don't have a Delorean? Looks like you just need to make a trip to Dallas.

So I happened to stumble upon an Airbnb in Dallas that is actually a duplex. One part is 80's themed and the other is 90's themed. Let's start out with the 80's part that they have named 'The McFly'.


Yes, named after our favorite time traveling teenager. You can see a hoverboard above the fireplace. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet, that is set to free play. The kitchen is stocked with cereal and Pop Tarts to really take you back to your childhood. The bedroom is quite spacious with an awesome Michael Jackson poster above the bed. The McFly rents for $99 a night.

Let's go next door to 'The Slater'.


I was always more of a Zack Morris fan myself, guess they didn't want to call this place the Screech. The kitchen and dining room is setup like The Max, the hangout for all the Bayside high school kids. One bedroom has a Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy to cuddle with at night and a giant Green Ranger looking over you for your protection all night long.

You will be able to enjoy some VHS tapes or some N64 on an actual big screen TV. Myself being a kid of the 90's, I'm definitly would pick this one out. It rents nightly for $125. So if you have been looking to try something new in Dallas, look no further than spending a night in the McFly or the Slater.

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