A Kia dealership is accused of getting into a wreck with a customer's car and not letting them know about it.

This is a pretty crazy story coming out of Plano. Greg Jewell has filed a lawsuit against Central Kia of Plano for an incident that allegedly happened in 2017. Greg had recently purchased a vehicle from the dealership and got a ten-year warranty on it. Driving it around, he heard a squeak coming from the passenger door. He took it in to get fixed since it was still under warranty.

While the car was in the shop, Greg was unfortunately hospitalized. Now there is proof of Greg in the hospital on bed rest, unable to leave. He was there for 39 days. His wife informed the dealership he would be there for a while and they could take their time figuring out the squeak. After getting out of the hospital, Greg picked up his vehicle and thought everything was good to go.

Until Greg started receiving letters from two insurance companies talking about two separate accidents his vehicle was in. The date this supposed accident happened, Greg was in the hospital. According to the lawsuit, photos prove that the person behind the wheel in one of the accidents was someone in a Central Kia uniform. Greg brought this up to the dealership and they're denying that one of their employees wrecked his vehicle.

Greg has done some investigating and went to a local body shop to run his VIN number. A receipt came back with $346 worth of work done to his front bumper just days after the reported accidents for a customer named, "CEN 0." Greg just wants answers about why an employee was driving with his vehicle twelve miles away from the dealership. He says, 'That's a lot longer than a test run.'

Greg is wanting a new vehicle in the lawsuit because he doesn't know if the one he is driving is safe. Two other service employees for the dealership are listed as defendants in the suit, and a third defendant is described as the service employee who was behind the wheel during both accidents. Per the lawsuit, a victim of the accident exchanged information with a Denzel Johnson at the scene of their crash.

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