Put the phones away while driving. 

This accident happened two years ago, but the family started the lawsuit against Apple just a few weeks ago. It was Christmas Eve 2014 when Moriah Modisette and her family were involved in the crash. Four people in total were in the crash, but Moriah's side of the car took the full brunt of the crash. There was a standstill in the traffic ahead of Garrett Wilhelm who came plowing into the back of the Modisette's Toyota Camry at full speed.

Police believe he didn't see the brake lights of the traffic because he was Facetiming on his iPhone at that time. Moriah's mother and sister were able to get out of the vehicle, but herself and her father were wedged inside. They were both taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Her father James survived, but Moriah passed away at a nearby children's hospital.

Wilhelm’s iPhone survived the crash. When police found it, FaceTime was still running.Wilhelm was charged with manslaughter in the case, which is working its way through court, according to the Associated Press, but the family thinks the iPhone’s manufacturer, Apple, is also to blame.

They're stating an iPhone knows when it is traveling at highway speeds and the app should be disabled at that time. Apple has not released a statement on the lawsuit yet, but maybe some changes will be coming to several apps on the iPhone after this lawsuit.

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