Dogs hating mailmen in cartoons has been around forever. This mailman wanted some revenge for once.

Back on December 18, a very strange incident happened at a Dallas home. A mail carrier on his route is seen shaking up a can of mace and then spraying three dogs in the face. The homeowner came outside because his dogs were freaking out and he reviewed his security camera to see what happened. That is when he saw what happened.

This is not like the dogs were chasing this mailman. They were in the yard, behind a fence. Yes, the dogs were barking, but every dog does that when someone walks by their house. If these dogs were chasing him down the street, fine. Pepper spray away man, but dogs behind a fence? That's messed up.

The homeowner Giovanni Baena says his dogs are fine. He wants this postman fired for clearly abusing his dogs for no reason. That cannot be confirmed at this time. The USPS said, “The Postal Service does not discuss specific employee disciplinary actions or comment on personnel actions or matters that may impact personal privacy.”

They also released another statement on this incident. “The Postal Service strives to always provide the best possible service to our valued customers. It is disappointing when, on rare occurrences, we fall short of that goal. Local management was made aware of this video shortly after the customer brought it to their attention and it has been addressed with the Letter Carrier. This is clearly unacceptable behavior and does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated Letter Carriers in our workforce. We sincerely apologize to the customer.”

What I find crazier in this story, this is not the first time this has happened. His dogs were pepper sprayed by someone back in 2016. No idea if it is the same guy that did it last month. The Dallas police do have a report on that incident ‘a suspect’ sprayed his dog in the face causing its eyes to swell and no other information was provided.

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