Now, I love a good basketball game just as much as the next person, but I’ll never understand why some people get so angry over a referee’s call, that they feel the need to resort to violence.  Well, one North Texas woman has been arrested, after she allegedly attacked both the referee, and several players on a 7th grade girls basketball team, during a game at Plano Sports Authority in Murphy.

Shortly after the basketball game started, the games referee Greg Ivanosky ejected a girl from the game, after she shoved another player with the ball, and punched her in the face.  The rest of the game then went on without any incidents.  However, once the game was over, an all-out brawl broke out.

When the ejected player came back onto the court, she started a fight with a girl from the opposing team.  As the fight escalated, the ejected player’s mother, 37-year-old Dominique Graham, then decided to get involved with the fight.  Instead of restraining her daughter, she allegedly punched the girl that her daughter was fighting.

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The ref then attempted to break up the fight.  Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful, and was punched in the face while trying to restrain Graham.  More parents, and kids then rushed to help break up the fight.  According to police, Graham allegedly scratched a father’s face, and injured two other teenage players.

When Murphy police arrived, they arrested Dominique Graham for allegedly attacking both the ref, and players.  She was taken to the Wylie Police Department Jail, and was charged with three counts of felony injury to a child.  At the time of this writing Graham has been released on bond.

Photo Credit to Wylie Police Department
Photo Credit to Wylie Police Department

The ref was absolutely justified in ejecting a player from the game for punching the other girl.  However, the ejected player’s mother was way out line, and should have restrained her daughter rather than escalating the fight.  By getting involved with the fight, Graham is not only facing some serious criminal charges, but she set a very poor example for both her daughter, and the other kids at the game.

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