We are bombarded in the media with confrontational interactions between police and the public, but most interactions go much differently.

After the young girl in this video had asked her parents why police were shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at children at some of the peaceful protests that the child wanted to attend, they all went for a walk in the park. When the child saw a female police officer she grew frightened. The officer saw the child’s fear and did what we all know most officers would like to do, she came over and introduced herself. After exchanging a quick high five, they had a short conversation with the officer assuring the child that everything would be OK and that officers don’t really want to do those things.

The girl's mother was shooting the video and said that by the end of the conversation everyone was a little teary-eyed, the child, the parents, even the officer.

This took place on June 4th in Niagara Falls, New York, and is how we wish all officer involved situations would go. It illustrates how important it is that we help the children in our lives understand what is going on and that what they see on television is not necessarily the reality of the situation around them.

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