No matter what part of Texoma you decide to fish in this weekend, you can do so without a license.

Not too long ago we informed you that Free Fishing Day was coming up in Texas this weekend. I happened to notice that this weekend is also Free Fishing Days in Oklahoma. That's right, this Saturday and Sunday (June 5th and 6th). Just a reminder that Texas only has one day (June 5th), so maybe everything isn't bigger in Texas.

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I learned today that Oklahoma was the first ever state to do a free fishing day around forty years ago. Since then, dozens of states have tried it out to encourage folks to get out and enjoy nature. "There's no excuse not to take someone fishing on June 5 and 6. The weather is usually nice, the fishing is great and, best of all, it's free," said Barry Bolton, fisheries chief with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "Free Fishing Days gives people a chance to just 'test the waters' and see if they would enjoy the sport."

Friendly reminder that just because you don't need a fishing license, does not mean all the other rules go out the window. Things like daily bag limits and size restrictions will still apply. Other than that, get out there and enjoy Free Fishing Day. Plus nice to know no matter what part of Lake Texoma you're on this Saturday it will be Free Fishing Day.

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