Not only would this ruin my day, but it would also ruin my year. I hate snakes!

I'm not exactly sure where this video is coming from. KOKH in Tulsa is reporting this video is coming from Lawton. However, the person that shared the video has it located in Owasso, Oklahoma. Either way, this video is freaking terrifying. A doorbell camera catches Mashawn Copeland walking into a home.

Once he opened the door, a snake comes out of freaking nowhere and latches onto his face. Honestly, I've watched it a couple of times and it looks like it got his eye. The next videos show some people taking out that snake. I saw some people commenting on this, saying they didn't have to kill that snake.

Screw that! If I am walking into my own home and a snake bites me, that will be that snake's last day on this earth - I can guarantee you that! KOKH says Mashawn is fine, but I would be paranoid the rest of my life opening up any door if I was him.

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