He has already been arrested for something like this back in December.

Wichita Falls police were called, once again, about a man breaking into a residence and was found taking a nap. The first incident happened back in December. This man was found in a residence on Keeler. The owners found him on the floor, a bicycle in the back and he was wearing a bracelet that he admitted taking inside the home.

That man was Mager Sales. Well, Mager decided to do this once again, to a different house this time. This time in the 2100 block of Grace. A woman came home and found her house had been ransacked. She found a man sleeping on her couch with a white mask. She woke him up and he stumbled outside. He got a bicycle and two bags from the backyard, and left.

She said he dropped the bags which contained items of little value along with clothes belonging to her daughter and also found a wallet with Sales ID. She saw Sales then walk into another home on 22nd Street. Wichita Falls police went to investigate at that residence.

They said a man walked in their home and then walked out the back door. Officers remembered Sales from a previous contact and went to his house on Bridwell and talked to a woman there. They said she told them she believed Sales was extremely sleepy and that was why he went in the woman's house.

Sales was later located and arrested. Add this to the list of crazy Wichita Falls stories. Dude, don't commit crimes when you're tired. I don't care how comfortable their couch or bed looks. Get the hell out of the house. Also, don't leave your freaking ID in the place.

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