You may think this guy is pretty stupid, but his story is actually very sad. 

Brenton Hager of Oklahoma City went viral this week after going live on Facebook during a high-speed chase. The truck Hager was driving was stolen about a week ago.  Hager's aunt said her nephew was high at the time of the chase.

She got the notification that he went live and tuned in. She was shocked as to what was happening. She called him immediately to get him to stop and telling him that he was making it worse. “He just said, ‘I been trying to do my best and nobody’s there and I don’t want to go to county,’” Ashlee Rodriguez said. “I said, ‘They’re going to shoot you. They’re going to light you up.’ And he said, ‘That’s what I want.’”

Rodriguez said Hager had been battling drug addiction since he was 18 years old. “It’s not an excuse but, 100 percent, the drugs. It really takes your soul and you become a completely different person,” Rodriguez said.

An Oklahoma resident actually shot out one of his tires when he made a stop in a neighborhood, but Hager continued on with his escape from police. Hager was eventually taken down by officers after he drove into a pond and tried to escape on foot. Officers took him down with a stun gun.

Here's the full video of Hager's Facebook live stream:

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