A routine traffic stop turned into a bullet in one officer's leg. 

Valley Brook Police Officer Brian Southerland pulled over a driver January 1. That driver turned out to be Cory Hartsell, who had some outstanding warrants out for his arrest. Guess he thought his best option was to shoot the officer and bolt out of there. Hartsell did hit the officer once in the leg, but that was not good.

The bullet hit Southerland's femoral artery and he was bleeding out. A good Samaritan named Ken Barnes was passing by saw what happened. He went and got some rope from his truck and made a make-shift tourniquet. Southerland went into surgery this past Tuesday and is recovering just fine.

Medical personnel said if that tourniquet was not applied, Southerland would have most likely bled out. Cory Hartsell has been charged with shooting with intent to kill and unauthorized use of a vehicle. He remains held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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