We know teachers don't make much, but this teacher needs help getting ready for the school year. 

Teresa Danks was working the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma with a sign. Her sign says, "Teacher needs schools supplies. Anything helps." Teresa has been a teacher since 1996 and has a master's degree. She says she makes around $35,000 and spends around $2,000-$3,000 on school supplies every year.

Teresa doesn't teach for the money, she does it because she loves it. I think that is why most people become teachers. In order for Teresa to get her class ready for the school year she has to dig into her own pocket. This year, she took to the street and tried appealed to the kindness of strangers to help out.

"I was getting emotional. People were like, 'Teachers like you - that's the reason I am alive today,'" Danks said. Ms. Danks also said she made $35 in about six or seven minutes holding the sign on the street. That's double what she makes for an hour in the classroom.

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