Definitely not something you want to see at four in the morning.

Up in Bixby, Oklahoma this week, Bonnie Moriarty was awoken to quite the commotion at four in the morning. She thought her dog and cat got into some sort of scuffle. She was shocked to see a coyote chasing her cat into her bedroom. Of course, Bonnie's husband was out of town on this night so she had to deal with this by herself. All while her kids are wondering what all the noise is.

Bonnie grabbed one of her husband's golf clubs out of the closet to try to keep it away. The coyote seemed intimidated according to Bonnie, cause it just cowered in the corner. Police came and were able to get the coyote out of her home with no problems. She thinks the coyote came in through her back door after spotting her cat.

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