2020, the year that just keeps getting stranger by the minute.

Now that various sporting events are starting up again we're seeing just how different this year is than other years. Take baseball, for instance. When you watch on TV you'll hear a crowd. But it's not there, it's added into the sound track by the technicians in the studios. Sure you may see some faces in the stands but those are just cardboard cutouts so we don't actually see all of those empty seats.

Can you picture those cardboard cutouts doing the wave? That's what the Phillie Phanatic team mascot was trying to do recently.

Needless to say, it didn't work.

Perhaps the fans surrounding him were doing the wave in their cardboard cutout hearts.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps the person who saved this video for all the world to see will come to realize this was a baseball game, not a basketball game.

Then again, this is 2020.

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