There's hardly any industry hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shut downs that were part of it than the performance industry. From major concert halls to small town band shells they were all stopped in their for nearly a year. So it's great to see things begin to happen again.

Here in Wichita Falls you've actually got several options for live entertainment this weekend. Backdoor Theatre is holding an Improv Workshop on Friday evening and the next installment of their 2021 Evenings of Improv will be held Saturday night. The Improv Workshop will be held on the Main Stage at Backdoor Theatre's building at 5th and Indiana, and the Evening of Improv will be held in the presentation room at the MPEC. Both of these are 18 and up events because when the comedy gets rolling there's no telling where it will go.

There's more going on just down the street at The Wichita Theatre. Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure is in rehearsals now for an opening date of April 23rd, and The Wichita Theatre is holding two performances from The 3 Redneck Tenors this weekend.

Now, I can hear you thinking, "Dave, I'm not into opera." Well, neither am I, but I've seen these guys perform and while they do have amazing operatic tenor voices, they also have an outrageous sense of humor and their name does include the word, "Redneck."

With (fake) mullets, trailer houses as stage props, and amazing three part harmony, these guys are here to entertain you.

The 3 Tenors will be doing two shows at The Wichita Theatre this weekend, one on Friday evening and another on Saturday afternoon.

In addition to shows and workshops at Backdoor Theatre and The Wichita Theatre there are numerous shows at clubs and restaurants around town too. I see the excited Facebook posts from the clubs and performers that I follow and everyone is delighted to be back out in front of an audience again. Even the guys running sound and lights are excited to be lugging their gear around town to put on shows.

COVID-19 infections are low in Wichita Falls right now and all required FDA and CDC guidelines will be followed so get out and support these live performance venues and artists when you can. Reach out to each individual venue if you have any questions or concerns and I'm sure they'll be glad to answer your questions.

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