We hear about bank, or jewelry store robberies all the time, but you never hear about clothing store robbers.  Seriously, when was the last time that you saw a movie about a clothing store robbery?  Well one happened down in Dallas last month, when a man broke into a western themed clothing store and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing.

Dallas police are still looking for a man who allegedly stole over $100,000 in merchandise from a western clothing store in the overnight hours.  On Saturday January 15th at 1:20 AM, a man broke into Gomez Western Wear in east Dallas.

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However, this man wasn’t there to break into the register, and steal the cash.  No, this man wanted clothes, and lots of them.  Police reported that the store’s surveillance video caught the alleged thief stealing shirts, jeans, cowboy hats, boots, and even belt buckles.  By the end of the night, the suspect ended up walking out the door with over $100,000 in store merchandise.

I wonder why this guy wanted to steal all of these western themed outfits.  I guess that he’s going for the Urban Cowboy look.

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