While mindlessly sifting through Facebook I stumbled onto the obituary of Tim Schrandt from Spillville, Iowa . He sounds like quite a character; cussing, drinking, fist-fights with nuns.

Here's an except:

Tim Schrandt (Lynyrd) made his last inappropriate comment on March 29, 2019. If you are wondering if you may have ever met him, you didn't -because you WOULD remember. For those of you that did meet him, we apologize, as we're sure he probably offended you. He was world renowned for not holding back and telling it like it is.

And another chapter in his storied life:

His position as "king" and orator was challenged by the nuns at St. Wenceslaus school in Spillville. He may have met his match. We’re not saying the nuns won, but they put up a good fight, we mean literally - he got into a fist-a-cuff with a nun. In fairness, she probably started it. You didn't take a swing at Tim and not expect one back. Tim's fondness for authority (his own - not others) followed him to South Winneshiek High School in Calmar and later into the Army. This provided for many interesting episodes and stories, detentions and demotions, and a few "run ins" with the law, not just locally, but globally.

I did a bit of research and the obituary at the Schluter-Balik Funeral Home in Iowa looks legit, at least the rest of the obits on their home page read the way you'd expect them to. You can read the full obituary on the funeral home's website here.

Tim led a good life and had a peaceful death - but the transition was a bitch. And for the record, he did not lose his battle with cancer. When he died, the cancer died, so technically it was a tie! He was ready to meet his Maker, we're just not sure "The Maker" is ready to meet Tim.

Good luck God!

I sure would love to see who all shows up to his funeral. God speed, Tim. It sounds like you lived your life to the fullest.


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