One of my favorite YouTube channels had a quick Wichita Falls reference this past week and I couldn't believe it.

So this past weekend I was enjoying lunch and usually when I am cooking I just throw something on my phone so I'm not standing there in silence. I saw that RedLetterMedia put up a new Best of the Worst video. If you don't watch these guys, the premise is simple. They go through their massive collection of awful movies trying to find the Best of the Worst.

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They have definitly found some weird crap throughout the years. Honestly, if you need something to watch these guys are hilarious. This past week they were watching a movie called A.P.E. Which apparently stands for Attacking Primate monstEr. I don't think that's how acronyms work, but good for you A.P.E. production team.

The guys were discussing the 'massive' ape in the movie and how the scale is completely wrong. They say the ape is 36 feet tall and is roughly four stories tall. That is when the quickly show a picture of the World's Littlest Skyscraper from right here in Wichita Falls. At this point in my lunch I was eating and almost spit out my food.

I couldn't believe something from Wichita Falls was in one of their videos. If you just want to see the clip, it's around 21:40 mark of the video above. I would highly recommend checking out more of RedLetterMedia if you dug this video. They have some great stuff on the Star Wars movies.

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