So the NFL announced today they're getting rid of the traditional Pro Bowl. I say good, bring back the fun stuff they used to do back in the day.

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I am still trying to figure out why people are mad about the NFL Pro Bowl going away. This game is an absolute joke every year. The NFL said they were going to have skills competition and a flag football game instead. Hate to break this to Pro Bowl fans, this game was already a flag football game. Look at the highlights from last year. Players are literally jogging on the field during plays.

I am all for bringing back the old skills competition they used to do back in the day. I will never forget when Larry Allen demolished the bench press competition. It's very simple, who can lift 225 pounds the most times on a bench press? Back in 2006, Larry Allen did 43.

I still can't believe how easy he made it look. Watch the rest of the guys in the video. Once they hit 30, they're starting to struggle. Larry was going strong until about the 41 mark. I guess we will wait and see how this new version of the Pro Bowl goes. I think it will be more fun than what they have been doing the past few years. The only Pro Bowl memory of the game I have is when Sean Taylor laid out that punter.

^You give me a game like that with the best athletes in the NFL and I will tune in and watch.

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