When you screw up on the job, it’s probably seen by a few co-workers or perhaps customers if you’re in the service industry, but when you’re a reporter and you screw up on the air, chances are that’s a video that will be on YouTube within minutes.  That’s what happened to an Austin reporter this past Wednesday, when he it appeared that he fell asleep on the air.

Super Tuesday is a really long day, and when you’re back in the studio at 5:30 a.m., it’s understandable that you’d be feeling pretty worn out. In this video, Doug Luzader looks like he is in fact sleeping, and he isn’t responding to the anchor who is trying to communicate with him.

After the video went viral, we found out that Luzader wasn’t actually sleeping, but was instead looking at paperwork or something on his desk. If you look closely, you can see his eyes blink and he’s stated that his earpiece wasn’t working at the time.

I prefer to think he was sleeping. That story is much more fun.

When you see something crazy on television, do you pause it and then tape it to show your friends later?

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