Don't get mad at me for the rankings, I didn't do them.

Every year U.S. News & World Report does the high school rankings for the best in the country. With that information, we can see where our local schools rank on their list. So if you're a Rider alumni, you have bragging rights. Well at least for this year because Rider came in at number one for our area.

They got a 70.68 score out of 100. Just enough for a C grade, which in high school was a great grade for me. U.S. News has their enrollment at 1,494 students and a graduation rate of 98%. So how do we get that 70.68 score? Things like AP classes factor into the score.

For instance, at Rider only 32% of the student body has taken an AP exam and only 23% of those students passed at least one AP exam. Mathematics Proficiency is at an 87% for the school and Reading Proficiency is at 69%. You can check out the full breakdown here.


So, who came in second? That would be Hirschi High School. They gave them an overall score of 59.95 out of 100. Student enrollment at 918 and a graduation rate of 99%. Apparently at Hirshci they do IB exams? I literally had to look that up because I had no idea what it was. You maybe able to tell I was not the best high school student. It stands for International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Maybe they have those at Rider as well, but this survey only listed IB for Hirschi. Basically, these are college courses you can take in high school. 27% of students at Hirschi have taken at least one IB exam, 21% of those have actually passed one of the tests. Mathematics Proficiency is at an 79% for the school and Reading Proficiency is at 50%. More info on Hirschi's score here.

Our bronze medal goes to the Wichita Falls High School. They received an overall score of 48.47 out of 100. 1,248 enrollment for the student body and a 99% graduation rate. Back to the AP exams for Old High. 24% of the students here have taken one AP exam and only 10% of those students passed at least one test.Mathematics Proficiency is at an 73% for the school and Reading Proficiency is at 57%.

More info on the Wichita Falls High School is here. No matter which school you or maybe someone you know is going, they all have room to improve in different categories. Let's see if we can get all of our schools into the top Texas rankings next year.

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