Saddle Up, Earthlings! Space Cowboy in Austin Brings Cocktails from the Cosmos to Your Table!

Hold onto your rocket boosters, because the future has officially landed in the heart of Texas!

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Say howdy to Space Cowboy, where sleek robots are not just part of the decor—they're your cocktail companions! This futuristic watering hole in Austin is giving a whole new meaning to "cosmic concoctions."


Stellar Atmosphere: A Space-Age Vibe

From the moment you step into Space Cowboy, you're transported to a world where robots roam freely and neon lights set the stage for an intergalactic experience. The ambiance is straight out of a sci-fi movie, making it the perfect spot for those looking to escape the ordinary and embark on a cosmic journey.


Robotic Waiters: Your New Drinking Buds

Forget about waiting for a server to bring you a drink—meet your new waitress, the robot! These little bots not only shuttle delicious cocktails to your table with precision but also engage in witty banter. Chat them up, and they might just spill some futuristic secrets or tell you a joke that's light-years ahead of your typical bar banter.


Check out the video below:


@theatxdrinker The future is now. Space Cowboy In Austin Texas sends your cocktails right to you by these little robots who will also talk to you! A stylish, futuristic vibe with unique cocktails where you’ll feel the urge to try the whole menu. On the food end we loved the Cowgirl Cut and the Wine Braised Short Rib! Be sure to try the Panna Cotta dessert as well! Cheers! #austin #atx #austintexas #austinrestaurants #atxrestaurants #austineats #atxeats #austinfood #atxfoodie #austinfoodie #austinbars #atxbars #austincocktails #atxcocktails #thingstodoinaustin #visitaustin #keepaustinweird #austinite #eastaustin #austinnightlife #texasfoodie ♬ original sound - The ATX Drinker


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