Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any weirder comes a short, little, mask-shaming robot named Pepper.

According to FOX5 New York, this little tattle-tale can scan the faces of up to five people at a time and detect whether they're wearing the appropriate PPE or not.

If you're good your icon gets a green circle around it. If you're found to be in violation of COVID-19 social masking standards you get a red circle and Pepper calls you out publicly.


See how cheerfully the office staff greet little Pepper? See how creepily little Pepper reminds them to mask up?

We've got robots to give us COVID-19 tests, robot dogs to patrol city parks, now a robot to remind us to pull up our masks.

Couldn't we at least get a robot to remind people to pull up their pants? C'mon 2020, give us something we actually need.

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