Want to relive your childhood, but don't want to trample toddlers? This is where you need to go.

Easter egg hunts were a blast as a kid. Sadly like trick or treating, you get judged doing it as an adult. Thanks to the Lake Jackson Parks and Recreation Department, you can search high and low for those eggs once again. Cool thing is, no kids allowed. Everyone participating in what they call the 'Adult Flashlight Egg Scramble' must be 18-years-old.

They're hiding ten thousand eggs in their park. Some eggs will have the traditional candy inside. Others will have vouchers for amazing prizes. They're giving away six thousand dollars worth of prizes. Stuff like 4K HDTVs, gaming systems, laptops, outdoor gear, getaways and a lot more.

If you're wanting to sign up, too late. Registration has closed and 900 people are set to hunt for the eggs on March 29. The event has gotten bigger every year they have done this. They got 400 people their first year and it has since doubled in just a few years. So if you're looking for a place to spend Easter, hit up Lake Jackson.

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