A few days ago we told you about the Anti-Valentine Party at a sandwich shop here in Wichita Falls, now the Huffington Post UK is reporting on a restaurant in England that will seat single diners across from a mirror on Valentine's Day so they don't feel so alone.


It's being billed as something for happy singles who describe themselves as "self partnered" and are more than happy to dine alone on a day set aside for couples.

It should be noted that this is not an established restaurant, it's a pop-up called Two4One that came about after a survey indicated that one in three participants ate almost every meal alone.

There's twist to this story, though. Even though the solo diners will be eating across from a mirror image of themselves, at the end of the meal the mirrors will be removed and they will realize, as they would in a Hallmark movie, that they really weren't alone at all and that there was another lonely ... um ... happily single person across the table from them all along. There's even an option to split the bill at that point and claim the special two-for-one price.

There's an altruistic aspect to this as well. The proceeds will go to fund Mary's Meals, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry of the world.

Just in case you're planning on being in London on February 13th or 14th, tickets are about $25 and are available now on Eventbrite.

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