Texan Revolution: Seven Game-Changing Laws That Will Shape 2024

Lots of new laws get passed every year, and unless you’re paying attention, it’s hard to blame someone for not knowing they even exist.

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That’s why I’ve compiled this list of seven new laws that take effect in Texas this year that I think you might be interested in knowing.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Show Me Your ID

Senate Bill 1551 Will make it a misdemeanor if you fail to provide your identification or ID to a police officer while driving

2. That's So Metal!

House Bill 718 does away with temporary license plates so dealerships have to provide you with a metal one and they have to have them on hand ready to go.


3. Don't Drink and Drive

House Bill 393 says that if you kill someone’s parent while getting a DUI, you are then responsible for child support for their child until they’re the age of 18 or graduate.


4. Candy Crush

House Bill 4758 makes it a class B misdemeanor to market electronic cigarettes to children with cartoons, fruit, or candy themes.


5. Home Owners Association Stuff

House Bill 614 is an HOA transparency law that now requires the HOA to create a formal document explaining how they levy fines and assign violations. They have to put it on their website and provide it to you on your door.

6. Less Tax for Many Businesses

Senate Bill 3 is the new franchise tax-exempt law which will raise the amount to 2.5 million dollars which means over 50,000 businesses will be affected and how much tax they pay for their franchise business.

7. No More Inclusion

Senate Bill 17 removes the diversity, equity, and inclusion offices and trading for universities and colleges not only removes funding, but it says you’re not allowed to do this and admin will need to testify that they’re following the new law and not promoting this kind of program or the second state to do this after Florida every other state has public diversity, inclusion, and equity programs

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