I feel like I can smell this story.

Over in Temple, Texas on Tuesday they had a lot of rain dumped on them. This caused their old clay pipes to break from the excessive rainfall. Unfortunately, more than 130,000 gallons of sewage was dumped into a local park

This means the baseball fields, dog park and frisbee golf course at Lions Park all have lovely sewage soaking into them. The plan today and over the weekend is to begin pumping that nastiness out of the park and get it to its proper place at the water treatment plant. A crew will then come through and have to pick up anything the pump did not get. I will leave that up to your imagination as to what these crews will be picking up.

Then they will have to disinfect the park. Yup, anywhere that water touched will be disinfected. Which I'm sure you can imagine that 130,000 gallons of sewage will take a lot of disinfectants. They say that will also help with the smell. Hopefully, no one lives near this park over the next couple of days.

The city also had a major line break last spring, which if you could believe was somehow worse. They're in the process of replacing these old clay pipes, but that project takes several years. Hopefully, another big rainstorm doesn't hit Temple. They have enough crap to deal with this year alone.

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