Being a single mom can be tough.  Between working a job, paying bills, and raising their children, single mothers have their work cut out for them.

Max Bozeman II, who is a restaurant owner has always admired the hard work and dedication that single mothers have.  Bozeman owns and operates The Greasy Spoon, which is a pretty popular restaurant in Pearland, Texas.  Earlier this year, he decided that he wanted to help out a single mother in need, and give one deserving mother a brand-new car for Mother’s Day.

A few weeks ago, Bozeman announced that on Mother’s Day this year, he would be giving away a new car to a single mother who’s been going through a tough time.  He received over 200 applications for the giveaway.  While many of the applications that he received touched his heart, one single mother had a story that touched his heart.

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Kristin Johnson is a single mom, who’s had a pretty tough year.  In addition to raising two children at home, she’s had to escape a violent relationship, and even had her truck stolen.  She’s also been grieving over her older brother, and her father passing away.

Last Sunday, Bozeman surprised Johnson with a gift that brought her to tears and gave her a Mother’s Day gift that she will never forget.  Out of 2002 applicants, Johnson was chosen as the winner and was given a brand-new Volkswagen, to replace her truck that was recently stolen.

Bozeman told KENS, that he is planning on doing a similar giveaway every Mother’s Day and hopes that he can help even more single mothers next year.

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