If you haven't heard the saga of Taco Truck Tammy that led to this, get ready for a story.

About two weeks ago, a woman got a lot of attention after a video in her neighborhood went viral. Looks like some construction was going on in her neighborhood and a food truck was set up to feed the crew. We have all seen this before, but the woman who is now known as Taco Truck Tammy wasn't having it.

She came out there and let the people know her two cents about having a taco truck in her neighborhood. I wouldn't complain about a taco truck in my neighborhood, but I could see how some people wouldn't want this. Tammy got herself all this attention after threatening to call I.C.E. on the taco truck because the people running it were Hispanic.

They said go ahead since they had all the proper permits and were not in the country illegally. After that, a lot of people got pissed at Taco Truck Tammy for assuming these people were here illegally. She has since apologized for her actions, but some people decided to throw a little shade at Tammy this past weekend.

Some folks met up in the parking lot of Lakehill Preparatory School, just outside of her neighborhood for a friendly protest. Complete with more taco trucks and mariachi music. Neighbors came out to support because they said they were embarrassed for her actions. They want people to know this is good neighborhood and her actions don't represent the entire community.


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