This kid had not lost in college yet, guess he is gonna throw a temper tantrum every time he does.

I am covering a college tennis match, this is a first for me. The only reason I am is because of Texas A&M freshman Patrick Kypson. He is a top 100 player in college tennis and plays for the sixth nationally ranked Aggies. Patrick received his first collegiate loss the other day to J.J. Wolf of Ohio State.

Wolf is also a very talented tennis player, ranking 44 in collegiate rankings. Wolf helped his Buckeyes defeat the Aggies four games to three. The reason we're talking about this today is after the loss Kypson appears to spit in his hand before trying to shake Wolf's hand. Wolf noticed it and refused to shake his hand.

The video cuts off right there, so I don't know what happened afterward. The NCAA or Texas A&M did not make an official statement for a suspension. Kypson did not play in the Aggies next match against Texas Tech. In my opinion, just sort of a jerk move in the first loss of your college career.

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