I want one!

Can I just say, I love May the 4th. I am all about a day recognizing one of my favorite movie franchises of all time. Hopefully you're also a nerd like myself and if you're not you probably hate today.


Well...sucks to be you today then. As I scroll though all the Star Wars stuff on my timeline. I happened to notice something that churro shop over in El Paso is doing. By the way, a shop just for churros? Need to road trip to check this place out for sure. You know they're good if that's what they specialize in.

It looks like for May the Fourth they're doing light sword churros. Probably can't technically use the name light saber or Disney will sue your ass. Don't want Mickey Mouse and his lawyers coming down to Texas.

Looks like the lightswords are available in the traditional Star Wars light saber colors. Red blue, or green can be picked up today only. Sorry no purple for you Mace Windu.


They even got little paper holders that look like light sabers for the big day. I'm not about to drive several hours just for a churro, but I really want to. I guess whenever I make my way out to El Paso, I will have to stop on by Frontera Churros. May not be able to get the cool light saber wrapping, but maybe able to get a red churro when I go. I will also have to buy two so I can pretend to be Darth Maul.


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