A low-speed foot chase involving a couple of twelve packs of Dr. Pepper was recorded and posted to Twitter. Check out the video below.

Look, I'm just here to show you this cool video, but the powers that be need these articles to be a minimum of 250 words.

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So, just scroll on down if all you want to do is see the video, it's not going to hurt my feelings. I'm going to break down the video for those of you who actually read the garbage I post. Here goes!

The Chase Is On

When the video opens, we see a gas station clerk running on the outside of his store traveling across the camera from left to right. This is illustrated by the screen grab below:


Sandals For the Win

As the camera pans right and zooms in, we see a rascal running down the road carrying a couple of twelve packs of the best soda God ever put on this earth, Squirt. Wait, no, I mean Dr. Pepper. He appears to be wearing sandals, which are the best possible footwear for running if you didn't know.



What is a Dr. Pepper Run?

The camera pans back left to find that the man doing the chasing is all chased out. The pursuit is over.  Why was he after that man? I will make no assumptions or allegations in this article, for I have surpassed my 250 minimum word count.  Good day, Sir.

Check out the video below:

pic.twitter.com/vscLQRsl2wDecember 19, 2023

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