Don't worry, your four-legged friend will not be getting drunk.

Over in Houston, couple Megan and Steve Long created Good Boy Dog Beer: a beer for dogs. The couple started their drink for dogs for their Rottweiler, Rocky. He has several food allergies and this drink was designed to help manage his diet. The 'beer' contains no hops or alcohol, but the process to make the drink is exactly like making beer.

Their beers are all flavors that dogs would enjoy. For example, IPA lot in the yard is pork based while Mailman Malt Licker is chicken based. Veggie based and peanut based options are also available. Yes, Humans can also drink it, but you may want to taste at your own risk. The Longs say on the site that "you may find it bland and yes, we've tried it."

Good Boy Dog Beer is currently available at stores in the Houston, San Antonio, and Austin areas. My English Bulldog, Bruce has several food allergies as well. So I think if I ever see a 6 pack of this stuff, I will pick it up for him to try. That way my dog can keep me company with a cold one.

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